Block By Block Sewing Services
Commercial and Contract Sewing Services

Block-by-Block can produce a wide variety of sewn products for your company with our heavy-gauge needle and light-gauge needle sewing. With our broad range of capabilities we are ideally suited for a variety of applications including retail sewing, medical sewing and industrial sewing.
Do you have a product that requires commercial sewing?

Block By Block Industries Product Design and Development
Product Design and Development

At Block by Block industries, custom sewn product designs are first discussed between the developer and the client until the sewn product goes through production. All aspects of design are considered, including colors, fabrication, notions, thread and stitch length.
Prototyping and sampling are essential steps in testing the product prior to final fabrication.

Block By Block Employment and Community Services
Employment and Community Services

In addition to developing their commercial production sewing skills, our employees are eligible for training in Financial Capability Management and Entrepreneurship Skills. Block by Block strives to make professional opportunities available for all people in need of employment, and to strengthen our communities through the development of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural workforce.