Who We Are

Block by Block provides private label, contract commercial sewing for independent designers and manufacturers.

Block-by-Block Industries is a responsive, reliable and high-quality contract sewing center, specializing in custom product development and commercialization.


Block-by-Block's mission is to revitalize the textile industry and to strengthen manufacturing as a sustainable source of employment. By working in partnership with local, regional and global entities to employ socio-disadvantaged individuals, disabled individuals and veterans, we will empower them through training to enhance their quality of life… and the quality of life for future generations.


Block-by-Block envisions an environment where socio-disadvantaged individuals, disabled individuals and veterans earn a living wage and acquire skills that empower them to build resilient assets and create generational wealth.

We develop and manufacture products from fabrics ranging from ½ ounce per square yard to 16 ounces, and also leathers and neoprene. We can work with knit, woven or nonwoven textiles for a wide variety of end-uses.

Through our joint venture with several other major sewing companies in the region, we can scale from single unit samples to millions of units per year. Our goal is to support the rapid and profitable growth of your enterprise.

Block by Block is also a social enterprise Program of Eagle Market Streets Development Corporation (EMSDC).

Block by Block is also a social enterprise Program of Eagle Market Streets Development Corporation (EMSDC) that provides employment and training for dislocated workers, veterans, people with disabilities, and disenfranchised individuals. In addition to being able to develop their commercial production sewing skills, our employees are eligible for training in financial capability management and entrepreneurship skills.

Eagle Market Streets Community Development Corporation (EMSDC) was founded in Asheville, North Carolina in 1994, under the leadership of Dr. John H. Grant in partnership with Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church.

Our nonprofit organization is an economic leader in the community offering Property Development, Business Development, and Workforce Development. We envision a just and promising community, elevating individuals from poverty to economic independence through sustainable programs that promote self-sufficiency and wealth creation. By choosing Block-by-Block for your custom sewing needs, you are supporting a social enterprise designed to promote workforce development and economic empowerment of disenfranchised individuals. Block by Block strives to make professional opportunities available for all people in need of employment, and to strengthen our communities through the development of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural workforce.

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