Block by Block offers consultation for product classification, materials and production.

Providing Consultation for your custom sewn product is our first step toward your success.

Block by Block Industries provides consulting for all of our clients, whether they are an established firm or a start-up company. The client meets with the Operations Manager and discusses in depth the sewn product they are looking to produce. This is also our opportunity to share Block-by-Block’s workforce mission with the client.

This vital meeting helps in identifying the unique characteristics and functions of each sewn product, and what steps the client has already taken to produce their goods. Working as a team with clients, we devise a strategy to produce the highest quality, best-designed products at the lowest cost.

The experience of our sewing staff saves time and money.

Our custom sewing expertise saves time and money, and increases customer profits. 

Our commercial sewing capabilities include single-needle, bar-tack, cover stitch, walking foot, and overlock sewing. Consultation includes determining the aesthetic design and functionality of your custom-sewn product, and planning the sourcing of the materials needed to manufacture your sewn product. We also assist in drafting a pattern for reproduction, and creating a prototype for your product.

We have successfully assisted clients in planning, designing, and custom sewing a wide variety of products including:

Block by Block has produced a variety of custom cases and dopp kits.

  • Custom Cases
  • Custom Covers
  • Dopp Kits
  • Essential Kits
  • Custom-Sewn Apparel
  • Handbags and Purses
  • Tote Bags
  • Towels, Napkins and Quilts
  • Leather goods
  • Jackets and Apparel
  • Medical Products
  • Industrial Products
  • Custom Sewn Retail Products

Do You Have a Product that Requires Commercial Sewing? Contact us today for an estimate and prototype for your contract sewing project.

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