Pattern Drafting

Block by Block offers consultation for product classification, materials and production.

Once sourcing and a consultation is complete, a Block by Block developer will take the concept for your sewn product and create a Production Pattern.

In commercial custom sewing, the proposed client product is sometimes no more than an idea or sketch. There is no sewing pattern because the sewing pattern has not yet been created. Block by Block's experienced practitioners will consult with the client to create a working sewing pattern, or production pattern.

Block by Block's experienced practitioners will consult with the client to make a working sewing pattern.

The process begins with a working pattern made on soft paper from which the first sample is fabricated. From there, corrections or alterations can be made, and as many samples or prototypes as needed can be produced, until the sewing pattern for the sewn product is finalized.

Once the sewing pattern is finalized and approved by the client, it is transferred to hard paper and a style sheet, or cutters must, is made.

The style sheet outlines the fabrication, pieces to be cut, thread, notions, sewing instructions and any additional information or materials needed for the sewn product. Production patterns are then duplicated as necessary for use by the production team.

Sometimes a client already has a sewing pattern provided by a different company. When this is the case, Block-by-Block double-checks the pattern for accuracy and feasibility, and modifies it as needed to comply with our production line standards.

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