Sample Sewing

Block by Block offers consultation for product classification, materials and production.

After a pattern is drafted or checked by the developer, a sample of the sewn product, or Prototype is then produced.

The prototype is sewn primarily for the client to make sure the product is what they were envisioning in terms of aesthetics and function. Some sewn products only require a single prototype, while others can go through multiples until the product meets the standards of the client. Sometimes multiples of sewn samples are needed for inspection and testing by several individuals. Prototyping and sampling are essential steps in testing the materials used for fabrication.

Prototyping aids in implementing a time study that is crucial for determining the price point for production of the product.

Block by Block has experience in creating prototypes and samples for a variety of sewn products.

At Block by Block Industries, the Operations Manager works with the skilled sewing staff to assure a complete mutual understanding of the specifications. Working patterns and necessary accessories are reviewed, and stitching and production techniques are determined to assure the prototype meets every aspect of customer expectations.

Block by Block has experience in creating prototypes and samples for a variety of sewn products including:

  • Handbags and Purses
  • Tote Bags and Duffle bags
  • Custom Cases
  • Lunch Bags
  • Pillows

Once the customer is satisfied with the prototype and samples, final production of the sewn product can begin.

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